Major Features

Checking all the boxes.


When you're looking to make a change there are several things that are important. Our solution includes the following important features that we know you'll find useful:

It's A Browser & Web-Based Solution
We leverage your browser with a single page application (SPA) to create frontend that accesses our web APIs on the server via HTTP. This is the most common, fully modern architecture.
You Can Choose Your Hosting Options
Our original solution runs 100% in the Azure cloud. But we also support using an on-premises IIS server or even an Internet-hosted IIS server. All of our deliveries can be Cloud-native or run on your Windows server of choice. It's up to you.
Uses Modern Languages
Our solutions use C# on the backend and Javascript/Typescript on the frontend. There's a large talent pool for these technologies and the tech is well-understood. You minimize your risks and lower your costs.
Preserves Your Business Assets
Our solution keeps the value in your business assets – your code and data – by translating them into modern forms that you will use going forward. You don't have to start over again.
Reduces Your Training Burden
Our solution strikes a balance designed to control your training efforts: your digital assets are converted, but typically into easily readable forms that mimic the appearance and/or organization of the original. So, your converted code retains its original comments and variable names. Your converted forms and menus have all of the same text and names. Your data fields are the same. Your current staff sees familiar business items while your new staff sees familiar technology.
Designed for Extensibility
We know you're going to keep moving forward. Our design keeps an eye toward the future by including extensibility points for the client application and the server APIs. You won't be stuck down the road by choosing us.
Works With Other Modern Technologies
Our solution is normal .Net and can interoperate with or co-exist with any .Net-based technologies you already have or may acquire in the future.
It's Devops Compatible
We deliver an Azure-hosted automated build and deployment pipeline for your solution with the code. This pipeline works even if you decide to host outside of Azure and includes support for automated test execution.