A Guided Tour

What does a modernized application look like?

Guided Tours

All of our tours use the Bob's Wine Bar demo site.

We have created several guided tours to introduce you to our translation solution and the experience of using it. To make this experience as realistic as possible we've created a simple demo system on the AS400 and translated it to the cloud using our normal process and tools. Our tours will show you before-and-after images from the user interface, the generated files including data files and code sources, and even include links to a live, cloud-hosted version of the translated system. The demo system is called "Bob's Wine Bar" and consists of several simple programs that query a single data file. Some programs produce on-screen results and others produce report output. To view the report output we have included a report viewer. We have also included a DFU program for viewing and editing of the raw data.

Demo Bob's Wine Bar

The tour is split into two sections. One section is focused on the appearance and usability aspects of the translated system, a primary concern of normal system users. The other section focuses on the configuration and implementation aspects of translation for developers and system support staff.