RPG System Modernization

Move your legacy assets to the web.

Do you need to move your legacy RPG system to the web?

Our first generation of products are designed to move your legacy RPG, CL, and data from the AS/400 to Microsoft-based technologies in the cloud or an on-premises server.

Our solution helps you solve the common problems faced by legacy RPG systems, including:

  • Hardware and Software Support Costs
  • Compatibility with new systems
  • Dated look-and-feel
  • Limiting hosting options to include the cloud
  • Retiring staff is hard to replace
  • Shrinking pool of legacy skills

We Modernize Your Legacy System Using Automated Translation

Our translation software reads your RPG programs and procedures and rewrites them in C#. We provide an environment for running the translated software on a web server and is accessed with a web browser. We also convert your data for the new hosting environment or a database server. Your system transforms into something completely modern.

Our approach has several advantages over other traditional software conversion methods. These advantages include:

  • Runs in a web browser, making it simple to access and familiar to your employees.
  • Preserves the business value captured in your existing code
  • All of your assets - menus, data, forms, code, and procs - are converted rapidly and simultaneously without the typical long-running development project
  • Going forward you can use the latest tools and technologies
  • Unlike some other conversion solutions you own all of the translated software
  • You can continue to evolve the translated code base or write completely new modern code, or do both and mix them in the existing application
  • Menus and screens stay the same, keeping it familiar to your employees.
  • The overall structure of your code remains intact, keeping it familiar to your developers.
  • Your existing programmers can learn new technology from familiar, translated code
  • New developers can learn your existing business from the modernized code