Need to modernize your digital assets?

We can help.

Our Goal Is to Help You Modernize

Our goal at Twin Oak Solutions is to partner with your business and generate a modernized version of your software and systems. We offer complete solutions that solve the major challenges faced by legacy application technologies. Our first generation of products are designed to help you move from legacy RPG on the AS400 to Microsoft-based technologies in the cloud. We are here to provide the innovative, full-featured answer your company needs to address the future.

Do you need a change?

When evaluating your aging platforms and applications, there are many reasons you might find to modernize your legacy AS400 RPG system including:

  • Hardware and Software Support Costs
  • Compatibility with new systems
  • Update look-and-feel
  • Change hosting options to include the cloud
  • Retiring staff is hard to replace
  • Shrinking pool of legacy skills

Paths to Modernization

There are two common approaches to modernization: a rewrite or a conversion. There are a series of tradeoffs with each approach.

Rewriting Your Existing Software

A complete rewrite of your existing software requires you to rebuild from scratch all of the procedures and programs that you currently have with new technology in a new environment. This new environment will likely have its own build, deployment and operational processes.

  • Fresh start on design, with new architecture & new business processes
  • Old software could act as requirements
  • Large existing programming skill pool, although knowledge of your existing business may need to be relearned
  • Cost is likely high throwing everything away and starting from scratch
  • Abandons the business value in existing code
  • Data must either be migrated or recreated
  • Larger project to manage, slower to deliver value

Conversion / Translation of Your Existing Assets

A conversion / translation of your existing assets produces new code from your existing code, new procedures from your existing ones, and new data from your existing data. Some things in the new system remain similar to the existing system. In the case of translation, there's the opportunity to leverage automation.

  • Preserves the business value captured in your existing code
  • Going forward you can use the latest tools and technologies
  • Your existing programmers can learn new technology from familiar, translated code
  • New developers can learn your existing business from the modernized code
  • Old and new skill sets are required during the conversion
  • Some rare features may not be supported so some hand-coding will be required

We Modernize Using Translation

In addition to the benfits listed above, our automated translation solution has several other advantages:

  • All of your assets - menus, data, forms, code, and procs - are converted rapidly and simultaneously without the typical long-running development project
  • Unlike some other conversion solutions you own all of the translated software
  • You can continue to evolve the translated code base or write completely new modern code, or do both and mix them in the existing application